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May 15, 2008

Secrets of Elisabeth Fritzl’s Age

Last year at 41 Elisabeth Fritzl was experiencing a year of emotional analysis expressed as sensitive accounting, weighing up the pros and cons of her circumstances. On April 8 this year she turned 42 and her emotional analyzing evolved into emotional relationship. It’s got the lot from putting her own emotional needs on hold in order to give emotional support to someone else, sacrificing her needs for the sake of an emotional reward promised in the future, being trapped and hanging on in there to her sudden change this year into someone emotionally unstable, experiencing more pain than she can ever imagine, a roller coaster emotional ride from which there is no respite and someone wanting out of a relationship but there is no easy way out for either. Next year, at 43, Elisabeth will experience karma, emotional reckoning. It will all happen for her, and she may meet the love of her life.

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